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On the Skins NATURTRÜB MAGNUM - 2020 -1,5l

36,00 €

It's a Natural!!!!
It ain’t just wine, this wonderful juice from Mother Earth kisses your lips with fine aromas of lemon and blooming wildflowers, taking you back to that first spring feeling in the air. Being lucky enough to work with Franz Weninger “El Magico de los vinos” who composes wonderful serenata taste, aromas and textures with the Pacha Mama being the ❤️ of the process and Christian Budde from Oxhoft Wine shop the sexiest wine seller in Ottensen. You could loose your self in those beautiful eyes while he talks about the best wines. Thx to this guys we were able to have this beautiful best companion for our food. The best graphic artist and friend you can have @flinte_und_korn #naturalwine #restaurantlife #colorsinyourlife #tigre 🐅


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